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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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upgrade from SW200 & silkworm3850 to Brocade 5300 zoning help

Existing switches are 2x Brocade SW200E & 2x Silkworm 3850   (Note, the Silkworms are EMC badged as DS-16B3) in 2 fabrics

These 4x switches are being replaced by 2x Brocade 5300 switches

Whats the best way to go about this?

Can I simply add a link/ISL from one existing switch to 5300 thereby config/zoneing gets automatially loaded to 5300 - move FC host and array cables to 5300 then remove SW200 & 3850.  is that possible


Configupload from exiting switch and configdownload to 5300- Are the config files compatible between models?  5300 admin guide says no, but could it be edited ?

At the moment I'm not sure what version FOS is running on any of them.

I'm trying to avoid individually cable by cable assigning alias and zoning 30 hosts, change window would be too long.

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Re: upgrade from SW200 & silkworm3850 to Brocade 5300 zoning help

Hi, beware that the 3850 cannot be direct connected to a switch running Fabric OS 7.

If you are running WWN zoning you can move the devices to another switch without having to change the zoning.

If you connect the 5300 to one of the existing fabric the zoning should be copied over to it (you need the new switch to merge into the fabric).

That seems like the best way to do this. There are some settings that needs to match between the switches/fabrics for the switch to join the fabric.

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Re: upgrade from SW200 & silkworm3850 to Brocade 5300 zoning help


As Guldmyr said, the easiest way is to ISL and merge the new and the old switchs, and then just move the fibers from one switch to the other. The main thing you have to take into account is (besided the FOS compatibility between switchs) that the PID of all the elements in the san will change, since the DomainID of the new switch will be different; usually this does not affect and the paths automatically recovered but when HPUX hosts are in place, you may need to do some extra work(unless agile view is used). In that case, I would recommend you, not to ISL the switchs togheter, configure them with the same Domain ID and copy the zoning to the new switch. Then you will have to check which port has the same PID in both switchs to move the ports to it (as I said, not doing this could affect HPUX hosts).



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