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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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unmonitored ports at HELTH column


This situation could be easier to solve, but I have searching and couldn't find anything related.

Our customer has a 48000B that was installed 2 months ago . It was provided as a mechanical replacement machine to replace a bad one.

Customer called me saying that ports are showing as " unmonitored "at  health status .

In the other 48000B that they have it shows the port status correctly .

How can I do to solve it and provide good information to customer and remove unmonitored status ?

Is it caused by the absence of the FABRIC WATCH license ?

Attached the screenshot showing mentioned status for all ports in one chosen blade.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: unmonitored ports at HELTH column

I do think

If the previous "bad" director had a fabric watch kicense and the replacement one doesn't it's a strong indication that thats the cause. You mentioned the other director shows a status for the ports, you can check it's licenses with a licenseshow.

If it has fabric watch it's again a strong indication your previous bad one had fabric watch as well.

If you can trace the original purchase order as well, you have strong case to get the license key required the activate fabric watch one your replacement director.

It sure is a bad thing in my opinion, if you get a replacement the licenses you bought and activated one the old one should also be present on your replacement part.I would also check other license differences between the two directors

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Re: unmonitored ports at HELTH column

I agree with Dion. The OEM or service provider can easily transfer the licenses. If you provide him the serial number of both the old and new switch it can be done in 15 minutes.

Check with them.



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