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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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unconfigured san switch

dear all master

today i have a task to join san storage with san switch which have connection with another san storage.

when i'm open san switch manage software i got there is no alias, zone and zone config in there.

is it possible to connect san storage to server through unconfigured san switch ? actually this condition has running well before i enter this company

if it's possible what's the effect ?

can anyone explain to me about this case ?

best regards


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Re: unconfigured san switch

Loads of questions ...

I didn't understand properly , You have only one switch , on which you have a storage array ports connected ? And now you have another storage array ports which require connection to the same switch , correct ?

Do you have access to the switch via commandline ?

If yes , try switchshow , zoneshow or cfgshow and see what do you have in for output ...

I am not sure what switch manage software r u using, it might be that you need to discover the fabric/switch within that software to actually show u the details .

Sorry, but unless it is clear what you are trying to achieve, you only get more questions asked

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Re: unconfigured san switch

to simplify you question, i would suggest to create a simple Visio Draw with current configuration and future you want to add/expand to.

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Re: unconfigured san switch

Based on the explanation, I would say we have an switch running in/with "defzone all access".

And now additional storage needs to be attached.

I agree with both posters above to please make it more clear what you have and are trying to accomplish.

rawings, cli output or screenshots can help to make it more clear.

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