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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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too many errors enc_out


we have a switch in a fabric with too many errors on one port.


          frames      enc    crc    crc    too    too    bad    enc   disc   link   loss   loss   frjt   fbsy  c3timeout
       tx     rx      in    err    g_eof  shrt   long   eof     out   c3    fail    sync   sig                 tx    rx
  0:   18.3m  16.9m 519.0k 149.0k  77.2k 873      0     71.8k 753.5m   4.6k   0      0      0      0      0    973      0


This port is E-port and on other side of ISL there are only a few port errors (c3timeout_tx and disc_c3).

Is possible to say where is a problem - SFP or cable?


Thanks for any help


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Re: too many errors enc_out

the most important non-zero error counter shown here is crc_g_eof. i'd start replacing with the opposite sfp.
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Re: too many errors enc_out


thank you for your response. I'll try it.


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