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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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three 7800 FCIP routers in a row



I have three sites each with 7800 FCIP router and a edge fabric. Site A and B are connected by a FCIP tunnel and devices in edge fabrics A and B can communicate with each other. Also devices in edge fabrics B and C can communicate normally. There is no direct connection between sites A and C. I would like to establish connection from edge fabric A to edge fabric C via the backbone fabric A-B-C. Is that possible?


Thank you.

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Re: three 7800 FCIP routers in a row



if you can reach via IP from A site C and from C site A then you can create a FCIP Tunnel and FCIP Curcuit.


For better understanding, can you please post a drawing of your scenario?

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Re: three 7800 FCIP routers in a row

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Hi Ralf,


Unfortunately there is no direct connection between site A and site C, so I can't create a direct tunnel. I have storage in site A mirroring data to site B, and also storage in site B mirroring data to site C. Now we would like to mirror some data directly from A to C ideally without a change in networking.

In the worst case scenario, we will mirror data from A to B and then mirror the same data from B to C.




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