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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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telnet session shows wwn but not on webtools

I have a SLKWRM 300 switch running fos 7.0.0c .

if I go onto a telnet session I do see the wwn logging in to the port , but there is no wwn attached to the same port on the webtools?

out of 4 port connections only 2 shows up on the webtools .

this is the same issue with my other fabric switch as well .

Am I missing something here? Please let me know

Telnet session

Index Port Address Media Speed State     Proto


     10  10   1e0a00   id     N4   Online      FC  F-Port  50:00:0b:00:00:9e:99:ec


30,10(port10,F-Port,PID: 1e0a00)

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Re: telnet session shows wwn but not on webtools

not sure what you exactly mean with "not on webtools" what kind of Port or wwn

keep in mind, some features in FOS are visible only trough BNA = Brocade Network Advisor


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