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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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telnet and www disabled what now ?


I hope somebody can help.

my customer requested telnet and http to be disabled in his Brocade 300 switches (FOS 7.0.2c)

So I created the following profile:

name Disable_Telnet       Type: ipv4

rule    source IP       Protocol        Dest Port     Action

1        any                tcp                 80                   deny

2        any                tcp                 23                   deny

3        any                tcp                 22                   permit

4        any                tcp                 23                   permit

5        any                tcp                 897                 permit

6        any                tcp                 898                 permit

7        any                tcp                 111                 permit

8        any                tcp                  80                  permit

9        any                tcp                 443                 permit

10      any                udp                161                 permit

11      any                udp                111                 permit

12      any                udp                123                 permit

13      any                tcp                 600-1023        permit

14      any                tcp                 600-1023        permit

The problem is now that I cannot login with HTTP, HTTPS and Telnet.

The only 2 that are working are SSH and Serial cable via putty.

I have created this profile with the admin user.

But when I login with the admin user on SSH or serial via putty and do the following:

ipfilter --delete block_telnetv4 -type ipv4
Not ownwer of the current transaction

ipfilter --activate default_ipv4
Not ownwer of the current transaction

What can I do ?

Is there a root user ?

I have tried root with password fibranne, I found that somewhere on the internet but I cannot login.

Please advise ?



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Re: telnet and www disabled what now ?

You cannot delete an active profile, assuming disable_telnet is indeed active.

So steps would be

1- active other policy

2- delete "wrong" policy

However perhaps your change is still in the transaction buffer, looks like it anyway because of the output your getting.

If so a ipfilter -transabort should revert back to before you started.

If you want to have root access try password, this is also one of the defaults

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