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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Could someone explain me what does "t_r_a_f_f_i_c_i_s_o_prop__zn" mean, please?


Comments: It automatically appears when TI_Zone (Traffic Isolation Zone) is created.


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Re: t_r_a_f_f_i_c_i_s_o_prop__zn

Hi ChicaoSAN,


as you said, the  "t_r_a_f_f_i_c_i_s_o_prop__zn" zone is created when you have TI zone. 

I have seen no documentation, but I suspect that it is tracking the number of / names of TI zones; and possible properties for the individual TI zones (failover / no failover; active / not active etc).


No documentation available.  If you use TI zone, it is there, it is normal.

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Re: t_r_a_f_f_i_c_i_s_o_prop__zn

Hi Martin.Sjölin

In "fos-80x-commandref.pdf" (Brocade Fabric OS Command Reference - 53-1004112-03) at pdf file page 1173 of 1218 (or document page 1149) as shown bellow and I suppose a similar situation happens when creating a TI_Zone.

"3. Manage Frame Redirect (RD) Zones
When you create the first RD zone, two additional zone objects are created automatically: A base zone "red_______base" and a zone configuration "r_e_d_i_r_c__fg". These additional zone objects are required by the implementation. These zone objects must remain on the switch as long as other redirect zones are defined. Do not remove these objects, unless redirection is no longer required and no other redirect zones exist."

Thank You very much for your comments and help!

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