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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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switch reboot ends in switch booting up with "fabosShowinit failed: -1"

Hello,  I had an engineer who was working on a special project and once done plugged the switch with it's own unique domain ID back into the over all fabric.  According to the person, the switch did not update the fabric as he had left the old config on the switch when it was plugged back into the over all fabric so the person rebooted the switch and upon reboot the switch came up with the following messages.


*                                                            *

* Fabric OS has detected frequent switch reboot condition.   *

* Following actions can be taken to recover the switch:      *

* - remove or replace any problem blades (if applicable to   *

*   platform).                                               *

* - use supportsave to collect supportsave data.             *

*                                                            *


fabsys device open: No such device or address

Raslog Module Initialisation failed rc=-1

fabsys device open: No such device or address

QAFAB4:root> Restore to Factory Defaults

sh: Restore: command not found

QAFAB4:root> full diagnostics

sh: full: command not found

QAFAB4:root> help

Error in retriving the chassis info.


I also keep getting “fabosShowInit failed: -1” error messages.

When I try to run any command I get an error:

QAFAB4:root> supportlog

sh: supportlog: command not found

So to me this switch seems to have become corrupted.  How can I recover it and get it back online?


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Re: switch reboot ends in switch booting up with "fabosShowinit failed: -1"

This looks very bad. I suggest to open a support call. Good luck.


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