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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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switch persistent disable



We have Brocade 300 with FOS ver Kernel: / Fabric OS:  v7.3.0a.


error messages"switch is persistently disabled the command will temporarily enable the switch"


While excuting the commands "switchcfgpersistentenable" we are getting the above error message.

switchshow        :
switchName: VG2-SIT-SAN-SWITCH02
switchType: 71.2
switchState: Online   (Temporary)
switchMode: Native
switchRole: Principal
switchDomain: 1
switchId: fffc01
switchWwn: 10:00:50:eb:1a:98:d9:78
zoning:  ON (SAN_SWITCH02)
switchBeacon: OFF


portcfgshow        :
Ports of Slot 0         0   1   2   3     4   5   6   7     8   9  10  11    12  13  14  15
Speed                  AN  AN  AN  AN    AN  AN  AN  AN    AN  AN  AN  AN    AN  AN  AN  AN
Fill Word(On Active)    0   0   0   0     0   0   0   0     0   0   0   0     0   0   0   0
Fill Word(Current)      0   0   0   0     0   0   0   0     0   0   0   0     0   0   0   0 
AL_PA Offset 13        ..  ..  ..  ..    ..  ..  ..  ..    ..  ..  ..  ..    ..  ..  ..  ..
Trunk Port             ON  ON  ON  ON    ON  ON  ON  ON    ON  ON  ON  ON    ON  ON  ON  ON

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Re: switch persistent disable

In a perfect worlld what you have would be the result if the switch had been persistantly disabled, and then a switchenable had been issued.  It would be temporarily enabled until a switchcfgPersistentEnable was issued for it.  While I don't see an error in the persistent enable you posted, I do note a difference in capitalization.  What I posted above was a copy/paste straight from the manual; can you please try again with that syntax.


I am not aware of any bug in the v7.3.0a...or any other release...that would cause this. 

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Re: switch persistent disable

Hi guys, I'm having a similar problem ... do you know exactly what this "persistent switch" function is, I did not find it in the documentation ...

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Re: switch persistent disable

[ Edited ]

Hello all,


based on difference with portdisable and portcfgpersistendisable i will asume same behave for these set of commands.


switchcfgpersistentdisable - switch will be disabled after reboot as well

switchdisable - switch will be disabled but after reboot will came enabled.


A  persistently  disabled  switch can be temporarily enabled
     using the switchEnable command. A temporarily enabled switch
     will remain disabled after a reboot.


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Marian Bezeg

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