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supportshow requires CR on blade switch

Hi!  I'm running some data collection scripts and have come across a silly but annoying thing.  The script is simply initiating a supportshow using a plink command.  On one switch - Brocade 5470 8gb blade switch running FOS 6.2.0_bc3 - it gets to the part where it lists the users and stops on "Type <CR> to continue, Q<CR> to stop:".  Running this manually, I can just hit return.  Running the script, I cannot.  The output from putty capture is not as pretty and easy to read.  This is my only switch running this version of FOS.  I have set up all my switches the same, which is basically a generic lockdown.  I'm hoping someone has an idea on why this is happening since I don't have software support on these!   None of my other switches have done this.  Ideas?



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Re: supportshow requires CR on blade switch

I have seen simlar effects on other switches that some react different then others of the same type and FOS version.

This is annoying.

Coming to your issue is simple. Your switch is affected by defect: DEFECT000245609

This is fixed in 6.2.0f. So please have a look which FOS version higher than 6.2.0f is supported with your switch type  and BC vendor

If this helps and fix your issue please mark and rate the thread.

If you have any further question please let me know.

By the way, welcome to the forum.



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Re: supportshow requires CR on blade switch

Thanks for the reply, Andreas!  I plan on getting the FOS upgraded hopefully within the next month or whenever I get my mgmt approval to do so.  It makes sense that it is the FOS version since I am only having issues on this one switch and only running that version on that one switch.  I will let you know how it goes.


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