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snmp user in virtual fabrics and logical switches


    I was setting up snmpv3 on a default logical switch (FID 128) so it can be managed by BNA. During the snmpv3 setup, I saw this message which I haven't seen on non-logical switches.

"snmp user not configured in FOS user database will have physical AD and admin role as the default".

So I finish the snmp configuration and try to discover the switch. It discovers the switch but also complains about missing snmp user or something.

My question is " does an snmp user needs to be explicitly created for setting up snmp on the logical switches, if so, do the user name have to be snmp or does it need to match the preconfigured snmp users like snmpadmin1 or snmpuser1 and so on. I used snmproot as the admin user instead of snmpadmin1"



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Re: snmp user in virtual fabrics and logical switches

as fair as i remember, another user here for a similarly question, I'm not 100% sure but i believe the problem was related with the IP address... ???

have you use the search option to see if you find related threads ?

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Re: snmp user in virtual fabrics and logical switches

hope this helps


For a VF switch, then the username must be the name of an existing FOS user with chassis wide admin rights. This then must be configured on the switches and on the BNA.

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