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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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setting up FCIP in a 3 site design

Hi all


I am going to be setting up a FCIP configuration between 3 sites, and am not sure about the FCIP tunnels


Site A - 2 FCIP 7800's - "fcip fabricA" switch and "fcip fabricB" switch

Site B - 2 FCIP 7800's - "fcip fabricA" switch and "fcip fabricB" switch

Site C - DR site - 2 FCIP 7800's "fcip fabricA" switch and "fcip fabricB" switch

On the FC side of the switches, the arrays being replicated will be zoned to each other accordingly


I need Site A to have a tunnel to Site C - it will use VE_port 16 with 2 circuits, circuit 0 on Ge0 and circuit 1 on Ge1 on switch 1, and on switch 2 the same deal


for Site B to Site C, do i set up VE_port 16 there also, or should i explicity define the next VE_port 17 for this tunnel, seeing that Site A to Site C is using VE_port 16?


And to add to this, i believe i need to have Site A and Site B setup with a tunnel (not sure on this yet)


Regular site to site FCIP is not difficult, just adding in a 3rd Site is where i am having some diffculty mapping out what i need to do


Thanks in Advance






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Re: setting up FCIP in a 3 site design


You are correct.

The VE_port is a local port identifier on each unique switch.

It is ideal to use separate VE_ports to connect tunnels between 7800s at different locations.


For each fabric, You can use VE_port 16 on each site A and B switch, and use separte VE_ports on Site C to connect to each site. (VE_port 16 to connect from Site C to Site A, and VE_port 17 to connect Site C to site B)

- Or  you could use VE_port 16 on each switch pair connecting Sites A and Site C, and use VE_port 17 on each switch pair to connect Site B and Site C.



I hope this helps.


Best regards,





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