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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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set root default password

We had lost our root password in one of our San6505 switch. The switch is not in a production environement. So it isn't a problem to reboot it. Is there a procedure switch them to default




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Re: set root default password

For the latest model Brocade SAN switches/routers/directors  there is a disruptive process to reset the default account passwords. You'll need to contact your vendor support for the affector Brocade SAN switches/routers/directors for assistance.

Older model Brocades like the 4900 have no such procedure.

If you knew the current root password you could use the root command "passwddefault" to reset all the passwords for the default accounts back to their default passwords.

You may be able to use the "fipscfg --zeroize" command to perform the root command "passwddefault" for you
BUT this  "Erases all passwords, shared secrets, private keys, etc. in the system."

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