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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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(segmented,zone conflict)

I have a brocade silkworm 3800 and getting this error message (segmented,zone conflict). I am looking for away to resolve this error, the step by step instructions

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Re: (segmented,zone conflict)



--->>> (segmented,zone conflict)


is this switch ISL as member of a fabric where another switch in the Fabric have a owned config ?

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Re: (segmented,zone conflict)

@Antonio Bongiorno TechHelp24

Yes it is supposed to be one of three switches that are supposed to work as a secondary "fabric 2" I would assume that by shared config that the three switches should be working together and have the same zone config. What is the process of backing up the configs?

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Re: (segmented,zone conflict)

Pick the switch which has the CORRECT zoning that you want to keep, either SW1 or SW2 or SW3. 


On the OTHER switches, that you do NOT want to maintain the zoning, and have it accept the existing zoning from the good zoning cfg file perform these commands:


1. portdisable ( all ISL ports involved) 
2. cfgdisable 
3. cfgclear 
4. cfgsave 
5. defzone –allaccess 
6. portenable (all ISL 
ports involved) 


If you want to make a copy of the cfg before clearing it on the switches which have existing cfg files, use the configupload command to save the switch configuration(including the zoning elements and members) to an external FTP server;



admin> configupload  ftp,admin,/user/sbin/SW1_config.txt


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