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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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segmented (ad conflict)

In short, adding new gen5 switches to the fabric which has old and older switches. firmwares are on lvel 6.4.2b for the oldest switches and on 7.2.1d for the newer and new switches. We are using admin domains


When enabling ISL between the switches I get segmented (AD conflict) on the switches already in the fabric and segmented (AD VF conflict) on the new switches.


I have already turned off vf with fosconfig --disable vf but still this error comes up. There is no zoning or anything o nthe new gen5 switches just an altered domain ID.


Anyone a clue on why this is?

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Re: segmented (ad conflict)

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Re: segmented (ad conflict)

Thanks Felix, I iwll go through the thread again but as far as I know I have tried everything in the thread.

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