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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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restoring a zone configuration




 A bad zoning defined configuration has been download to the Fabric. What is the best way to update it ?


there is a good Backup which can be used to restore a switch (principal). But the switch will reboot with a different zoning

configuration and will segment ?


The Active configuration is OK.





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Re: restoring a zone configuration

Hi Jean-Pierre,


I do not understand your Problem.

You say that the active configuration is ok, but there is a bad defined configuration?


Which firmwareversion do you have and please perform cfgtransshow



Kind Regards
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Registered: ‎01-27-2016

Re: restoring a zone configuration



The problem is that during a Fabric merge the defined configuration contained 2 configurations . The second configuration was 

added during the previous merge in July.


f_fr0_0a   --> effective configuraiton

fr_iaas_10  --> included into f_fr0_0a, comming from a previous merge.


I merged a new ENG10 to f_fr0_0a


As i did not selected fr_iaas_10, f_fr0_0a selected the last configuration referenced for fr_iaas_10 from july !!!!!!!!!!


There is a big delta between the Defined configuration which include some bad and old zoning from july and

the effective configuration which has not been updated yet and is correct.


So i tried to use BNA using the effective configuration which is OK, to update the define. But i was able to save the effective

to a configuration file but unable to use the configuration file to merge or update the defined configuration....


What about cfgsave ? Can we force the Defined with the Effective data ?


fr0_sdm01_27:FID128:adminabc> version
Fabric OS: v6.4.3g
Made on: Tue Jan 20 19:23:27 2015
Flash: Tue Mar 15 10:46:09 2016
BootProm: 1.0.15





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