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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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reset silkworm 3250

Hello all<!graemlin::)>. i was wondering if anybody knows, if it is possible to reset a silkworm 3250? i made a mistake of attaching the fiber cables before powering up. i think that might have messed things up a bit. so now i can't configure my switch or see anything. i have 2 switches and i was able to configure the first one. does anybody have any suggestion? i tried powering down and letting it sit w/o power for some time, but that doesn't work. <!graemlin::confused:>

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Re: reset silkworm 3250

Attaching fibre patch cables before configuring the switch won't cause any problems. Most likely you have not yet setup the IP networking for the switch. This can be done via the serial port or the ethernet port. Consult the FOS admin guide for the procedure.

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