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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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questions related to State Change Register (SCR)

hi experts,

Need your kindly help about some questions related to State Change Register (SCR).

I saw description about SCR from some Brocade documents, quoted as,

"SCR 3  Register to receive all RSCNs within the zone.
It's very important to know that only Initiators register for RSCNs using SCR, Targets don't register for SCNs."

I'm concerned about "Targets don't register for SCNs",

does this rule apply to all kinds of SAN target devices?

below are nsshow output of mine, it shows that the N-port on our SAN devices have SCR 3 state,
how can we change it to SCR 0 or others?
if we do not change the state, is there any side effect?

SW6505:admin> nsshow -r

 Type Pid    COS     PortName                NodeName                 SCR
 N    010400;      3;21:00:00:24:ff:3f:5f:b3;20:00:00:24:ff:3f:5f:b3; 0x00000003
    FC4s: FCP
    PortSymb: [6] "qlt1,0"
    NodeSymb: [3] "nas"


thanks a lot in advance!

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Re: questions related to State Change Register (SCR)

Hi bb143,


the SCR state is dictated by the Host or storage during FLOGI. You don't need to worry about your targets full RSCN registration. I think the statement you saw is a pretty old one.

Registering for RSCNs is optional and usually only hosts do want to keep track of their number of storage targets.

There is no side effect, it completly up to the device if it wants/needs to query the Nameserver after fabric/device changes.


I'd say nowadays almost all storages have an SCR=3. Only e.g. Tapes do not register for RSCNs to my knowledge.



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