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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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pwwn and fabric pwwn

Hi team,

I was trying to do zoning anf i used the pwwn of the hba logged on the  Brocade SAN switch.However can i use Fabric pwwn of the port for zoning.

What is a Fabric Pwwn , is it the wwn associated with a port , Is it used for Hardware Zoning?

Kindly suggest.

Thanks a bunch!

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Re: pwwn and fabric pwwn


I am not sure if I understand your question corret.

I try to answer it.

You have WWN or Port based zoning.

If you use port based zoning you create zones or alias in a notation like this:

alicreate "array1","2,32; 2,33; 2;34"

This means the ALIAS array1 is connected at switch Domain 2 port 32-34

If a zone is created and this alias is included then all other ports of the zone can talk to domain 2 port 32-34. The switch does not care about which device is connected to domain 2 port 32-34

On the other hand if you add the port WWN of a HBA into an alias the switch does not care on which port this WWN is connected to it will allow all zonemember to talk to this WWN.

Both methodes had advantages and disadvantages.

If you use in a zone only one of these methodes you should get hard based enforecement. Which means access control is handled by the ASCI and not by the CPU.

My favorite is to use only WWPNs of the HBAs in the zoning.

Each zone contains only one initiator and one target. We do not have EVAs or IBM DS arrays which may need a different handling.

I have never try to add the SAN switch port WWN into a zone or alias.

You can find a Brocade best practice guide for zoning here in the download section.

I hope this helps,


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Re: pwwn and fabric pwwn

Hi tarun.khanna,

You're right, modern best practice is to use HBA Port WWNs for zoning, with some exceptions.

Fabric PWWN is essentially Port WWN of the switch port. It is used when a switch does device probing and some other advanced tasks. Fabric PWWN  is not suitable for zoning as it is not your end device.

Hope this helps,


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