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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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problem about ISL between brocade 5100 and QLOGIC 4Gb san switch

brocade 5100: fw 6.3.2,native mode,domain id 1

qlogic 4gb 20port san switch module in IBM BLADECENTER-E server: fw,interop 1 mode,domain id 12

when i connection this two san switch,the port is auto set to E-PORT,the zone config in brocade 5100 is auto sync to qlogic san switch too.

but, i try to modify zone config on brocade 5100,zonecreate and cfgadd command is running success,cfgsave command is running error: RCS is disable,the new zone config can NOT save and enable.

5100B_up:admin> mscapabilityshow
      Switch WWN             Capability  Switch Name
========================     ==========  ===========
10:00:00:05:1e:xxxxxx       0x0000079f  "5100B_up"*
10:00:00:c0:dd:xxxxxx       0x00000009  "QLOGIC4Gb_18_7"
10:00:00:c0:dd:xxxxxx       0x0000000f  "QLOGIC4Gb_18_5"

        Capability Bit Definitions:
                Bit 0: Basic Fabric Configuration Service Supported.
                Bit 1: Platform Service Supported.
                Bit 2: Topology Discovery Service Supported.
                Bit 3: Unzoned Name Service Supported.
                Bit 4: Fabric Zone Service Supported.
                Bit 5: Fabric Lock Service Supported.
                Bit 6: Time Service Supported.
                Bit 7: RSCN Small Payload Supported.
                Bit 8: Reliable Commit Service(RCS) Supported.
                Bit 9: Access Gateway Registration/Discovery Supported.
                Bit 10: Administrative Domains(AD) Supported.
                Others: Reserved.

qlogic san switch NOT support Reliable Commit Service(RCS),so,the new zone config can NOT sync to qlogic san switch.

anyone had some experience about ISL between brocade and QLOGIC san switch,thanks.

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Re: problem about ISL between brocade 5100 and QLOGIC 4Gb san switch

Can you do zoning from the qlogic switch?

Considered connecting the Qlogic switch in "NPIV mode" or if the qlogic has an equivalent of access gateway.

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