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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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portstatsshow and tim_txcrd_z


Before to start a make a statsclear on the fabric of my laboratory. This fabric is used only by me. Then, i copy some files, about 10MB, to a san volume. After this copy, i use a portstatsshow command on used ports. And some of them have a not null tim_txcrd_z. For me the time is the time that a port can not transmit frames due to a transmit buffer-to-buffer credit of zero. Come you confirm that it is not normal ? If you agree, i don't know how to fix this.

Help is welcome.

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Re: portstatsshow and tim_txcrd_z

More informations :
I'm not in a long distance case. All my fibers are 2 meters long.
I have a not null tim_txcrd_z count on following ports :
- ISL (not trunkated) : some times only on one side of the ISL, other times on both side of the ISL.
- 1 port of the storage

I have a null tim_txcrd_z  count on ports used by server.
Is it possible that this count is not null due to a physical issue on fiber ?

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Re: portstatsshow and tim_txcrd_z

--->>> Is it possible that this count is not null due to a physical issue on fiber ?

Any defect Cable, SFP... wrong parameter ( ex. BB Credit ) and much more can cause this message, but does not the reasons for its.

there could be several reasons and is different from fabric to fabric, so what can only answer Brocade Support.
I do not think that you will find the answer here in the community.

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