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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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   I have just upgraded some san swich's ( 5100 ) to V7.4.2c. I was looking at an older unit we have and the portcfgfillword is 3

where as the 5100 is set to 0


I Remember that there was some recommendation that the fillword be set to 3, is this teh same for V7.4.2c, we have a mixture or storwise V7000 G1 and G2 and also some HP MSA kit


Should the portcfgfillword be sat to 3 ?


is there an explanation what the fillword does  ?



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Re: portcfgfillword

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On whole 8Gb platform, you have to set correct fill word manually. 

Its not defined by FOS level.


In general fill word is the 4bytes words which port send all the time it doesnt have anything else to send.

So, It s used for link sync.


Please refer to articles to get more in details.


Be aware that change of fillword will accomplish link reset 




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Marian Bezeg

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