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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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portcfgfillword on 6510 FOS v7.0.1a

I am trying to understand what this setting actually is used for.

We are seeing VmWare ESXi disconnects to our FC Storage and have seen some chatter on the internet that mentions setting the fillword to 3.  The portcfgfillword command exists in the FOS but I don't see the setting displayed anywhere.  Can someone point me to docs describing this setting, and/or if this is relevant to the problem I have briefly described here?

thanks, Brock

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Re: portcfgfillword on 6510 FOS v7.0.1a

The 6510 is a 16Gig switch. They don't need the setting anymore, because the Condor3 ASIC handles the stuff by itself. The portcfgfillword command is there for the 8Gig platform. If you just have 16Gig, just don't care about it.

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