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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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please explain er_zone_miss and er_other_discard in detail

can someone explain the highlighted error counter in detail and what it means other than the brief discription in portshow

er_enc_in 0 Encoding errors inside of frames

er_crc 0 Frames with CRC errors

er_trunc 0 Frames shorter than minimum

er_toolong 0 Frames longer than maximum

er_bad_eof 0 Frames with bad end-of-frame

er_enc_out 0 Encoding error outside of frames

er_bad_os 0 Invalid ordered set

er_rx_c3_timeout 0 Class 3 receive frames discarded due to timeout

er_tx_c3_timeout 0 Class 3 transmit frames discarded due to timeout

er_c3_dest_unreach 0 Class 3 frames discarded due to destination unreachable

er_other_discard 368 Other discards

er_type1_miss 0 frames with FTB type 1 miss

er_type2_miss 0 frames with FTB type 2 miss

er_type6_miss 0 frames with FTB type 6 miss

er_zone_miss 368 frames with hard zoning miss

er_lun_zone_miss 0 frames with LUN zoning miss

er_crc_good_eof 0 Crc error with good eof

er_inv_arb 0 Invalid ARB

open 0 loop_open

transfer 0 loop_transfer

opened 0 FL_Port opened

starve_stop 0 tenancies stopped due to starvation

fl_tenancy 0 number of times FL has the tenancy

nl_tenancy 0 number of times NL has the tenancy

zero_tenancy 0 zero tenancy

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Re: please explain er_zone_miss and er_other_discard in detail

er_other_discard 368 Other discards

                    The number of class 3 frames discarded due to
                    route lookup failures or other reasons.

Other reasons are those that didn't fit in for exmp. er_c3_dest_unreach

er_zone_miss 368 frames with hard zoning miss

er_zone_miss, er_lun_zone_miss
                    The  number  of  frames discarded due to hard
                    zoning miss or LUN zoning miss.  If  RX  port
                    hard  zoning  is enabled, frames will be dis-
                    carded at the RX port.  If TX port hard  zon-
                    ing  is  enabled, frames will be discarded at
                    the TX port.  If both RX  and  TX  port  hard
                    zoning  is  enabled, frames will be discarded
                    at the RX port. (LUN zoning is currently  not


Got the explaination from the portstatsshow help page.

Hope it helps.

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Re: please explain er_zone_miss and er_other_discard in detail



Does anyone find the accurate reasons for the errors er_zone_miss and er_other_discard.


We are facing the issues in the VTL backup's Zones are active, SFP's is good.


Any suggestions ??


Appreciate your help...


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Re: please explain er_zone_miss and er_other_discard in detail

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I've seen this before with VTL and RX zone miss. Depending on config, it could be two different situations.


First, the VTL will spoof the physical tape device, and redirect all exchanges aimed at the PID of the tape drive, as the VTL is now registed in the Brocade name server. If the VTL follows convention, if the physical tape device is not online, and loaded with the right tape, the VTL will drop that device spoof in the name service, and the name service will be updated with the VTL entry for that device removed/missing. Then, you start a backup which requires the volume to be mounted, and the VTL does not see the physical tape device ready, and does not provide an entry in the name server for the host to write to.


Second situation the VTL is configured to manage all backups, and will spoof entries for the physical tape drives in the name server when a backup is started. In some cases, the backup flow exceeds the cache memory in the VTL, and the partition of the disk space allocated for the volume. In this case, the VTL may drop the device entry in an effort to force the backup job to abend. The frames in flight when the VTL drops the device entry in the name server will be discarded, thus incrementing the zone miss counter.


Bottom line, you need to configure your VTL to tape device carefully, and insure that the partitions for the various backups are sufficient for the volume to be written. Further, Brocade offers two tape features called tape pipelining, and SCSI FastWrite. These two features may not work well with the VTL, but without knowing more about the configuration, I can't specify which setting would be correct. See the Admin guide and search for 'tape pipelining'.


Best of luck.


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