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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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physical connectvity for failover brocade 300

Hi Friends..

i have 2 brocade 300 switch. how i can connect this 2 brocde 300 switch (cabeling) fail over configuration?

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Re: physical connectvity for failover brocade 300

You would need to have your servers capable of multi-pathing.

You would then cable HBA 1 from Server A to Switch A

You would then cable HBA 2 from Server A to Switch B

This would provide you redundancy and connectivity to each switch.

Keep in mind, that this configuration requires your storage/tape device to also have multiple ports zoned/masked as well.

There is no way to use a second Brocade as a standby to the other without multipathing setup.

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Re: physical connectvity for failover brocade 300

HI .. I'm very new to Brocade SAN Switches and could you please post the Active/Standby failover configuration that i need to do 

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Re: physical connectvity for failover brocade 300

Greetings semuthu.rajapaksha.  From the switch perspective, within the fabric, the "failover" is automatic.

An important aspect of SAN topology is the resiliency and redundancy of the fabric. The main objective is to remove any single point of failure. Resiliency is the ability of the network to continue to function and/or recover from a failure, while redundancy describes duplication of components, even an entire fabric, to eliminate a single point of failure in the network. Brocade fabrics have resiliency built into Brocade Fabric OS (Brocade FOS), the software that runs on all Brocade B-Series switches, which can quickly “repair” the network to overcome most failures. For example, when a link between switches fails, routing is quickly recalculated and traffic is assigned to the new route. Of course this assumes that there is a second route, which is when redundancy in the fabric becomes important.

The above paragraph comes from the "SAN Design Best Practice Guide", which you can review here: 


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