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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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partial no output from portperfshow

the story:

switch 5300 with 48 ports license, then i added the pod license to use all the 80 ports on that switch.

now to my "mini" issue, when i run portperfshow on that switch, i only see an output for the first 48 ports (0-47), the output for the remaining ports stays at zero, even when using the -tx -rx option, trunkshow -perf also does not show any info on the two link isl connected to ports, enabled with POD. the counter when you issue porterrshow is not affected by this.

hm, any idea?

and rebooting the switch is unfortunatly not an option

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Re: partial no output from portperfshow


we've got a similar issue on the dcx. in our case this was fixed with hafailover. in your case, i hope that hareboot will help. it should not cause complete restart of the traffic, however it might cause some slowdown, so i'd do that during the low and less critical traffic period.

btw, what fos version you have on that switch? do you have a support case open with your vendor or brocade?

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Re: partial no output from portperfshow


As posted, I have also seen that behavior on a DCX. As per Brocade DEFECT000399142 this very same issue is fixed in FOS 6.4.3b.

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Re: partial no output from portperfshow

sounds like the error i was lookin for.

Defect ID:


Technical Severity:



PortPerfShow showing bandwidth utilization being re

ported as 0


No throughput visible with portperfshow.


HA failover

Risk of Fix:



FOS Software




ASIC Driver

Reported In Release:


Service Request ID: 


brocade 5300


Fabric OS:  v6.4.3

Made on:Wed Apr 18 21:39:09 2012
Flash:  Sun Aug 12 12:10:10 2012

BootProm:   1.0.15

i will get HDS to update one switch and see if that helps and sloves my issue.

also i am able to reproduce the situation.

if you connect the 5300 switch to a dcx5810-16 and you dont fix the speed on both sides before you put the links online, the issue, mentioned in my first post, happens.

thanks for the info

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