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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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non equal cost paths

Hi all, In a SAN network that I am currently loooking at the Stoarage Arrays are connected up to different switches. Therefore the host when connecting to a LUN on the storage array will have a number of paths which vary in cost. Some paths have just one hop while others have 2 hops. In addition some hops are going through patch panels while others do not. Is this a major issue could anyone advise?

The storage array's consist of mainly a Symmetrix and VNX storage arrays.


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Re: non equal cost paths



FOS assigns a cost to each hop, and a switch will use the least-cost path to route traffic to a destination. So if you have paths with different costs, only the ones with the least cost will be used. When it comes to patch-panels, they are not taken into account when it comes to stablishing the cost. Provided that the quality of the signal is fine, it doesn't matter if the path has 0 or n patch-panels.




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Re: non equal cost paths

In relation to the host does non equal cost paths have an affect on what HBA port it sends traffic over? The host would be running VMware ESXi with PowerPath. 

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