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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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no_sync on DCX

I'm running multiple DCX directors and I'm seeing lots of No_sync states on the ports (100+).   They are enabled and I am seeing no errors.  I cannot physically check them as I am not onsite.  Is there are trouble shooting process for this, so I can narrow do the problem(s)



zoning:ON (FABRIC_B)
FC Router:OFF
Allow XISL Use:OFF
LS Attributes:[FID: 128, Base Switch: No, Default Switch: Yes, Address Mode 0]

161 3 17 0ca140 id AN No_Sync FC
162 3 18 0ca240 id AN No_Sync FC

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Re: no_sync on DCX

For more understanding trouble, look at "sfpshow #slot #port", "fabriclog -s" for exclude flapping on port.

May be it's problem on client site.

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Re: no_sync on DCX

Hello Brian,


two basic things to check first would be port speed and the fillword.


As for speed, looks like you have the Auto Negotiation configured, might be worth it to check if setting a fixed speed (e.g. to 1/2 of the ports max speed) changes anything. Use portcfgspeed command for this. Also check what speed settings are possible/configured on the other side of the links (servers, storage boxes, tape drives or whatever is connected).


You may also try to check different fillword settings with portcfgfillword command.



This is quite a number of No_sync ports that you have. Is this 100+ new devices that you just connected and enabled the switchports? Or were those ports Online previously and turned No_sync overnight? What kind of devices do you have on the other side of those links?

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