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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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mix zoning types

Just a newbie statement.

I wanted to know if I could mix port zoning with wwn zoning.

Tried, and it works.

Since I was not able to find it on some internet site, or some brocade document explicitly stated (athough I saw that some examples with mixed zoning (port on one alias, and WWN on the other), I was not sure about the outcome.

It does work, so if anybody else (I'm talking about us new brocade people) is looking for it, this is my way of saying thank you, Brocade community for other answered questions here.

So, mixing port (hard) zoning and soft (WWN) zoning does work on the same switch.

P.S. It was done on 5100 switch running FOS 7.0.0b

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Re: mix zoning types

if my memory doesn't cheat me, ~11 years ago, port based zoning was the only way to have hardware-enforced zoning, that's why we liked it.

many things have changed since then, therefore all-pWWN zoning is a best practice now:

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Re: mix zoning types

It is evidently still possible, but it's session-based. The WP Alexey posted looks like it explains zoning quite well.

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