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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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migration to EFCM 9.7.4


we just did a microcode upgrade to eos 9.9.6

Afterwards, control of the switches didn't transfer to the alternate anymore whenever I did the EFCM reboot.

Then IBM told us we need a EFCM upgrade from 9.7.2 to 9.7.4

I downloaded the installation files but I'm not sure if the upgrade procedure is documented anywhere ?

My plan was to upgrade the alternate server first, and then switch control to that one by rebooting the main EFCM server.

But one of my switches stays managed on the alternate server (all others are visible as virtual switches)

So I cannot get a "clean alternate" environment to upgrade.

Is if possible to upgrade anyway ? (without interruptions ?)

And do I need to take special care to preserve the zoning definitions we have ?


  Mannuel Van Der Helst

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