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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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migrate vms to new storage

hello i have two brocade 200e connected with 4 esx and i hitachi storage.there is no zone configured as i have seen in san health check.

there are 2 new brocade 300  and a new hitachi and i want to migrate the vms to the new storage.

so the steps are:1)connect the two new switches with isl with the older.

2)connect also the new ones with the storage

3)and then in esx i can see the new storage and then migrate the vms to the new luns?

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Re: migrate vms to new storage

Yes your steps are correct. I would make sure the 200e and the 300 switches FOS interopability is checked. You can review the release notes for the 300 switch to varify the FOS release on your 200e switch is compatible.

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