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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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luns not showing

i created an alias for my hba, added the sp wwns and hba into a zone and enabled it. but i can still not see my luns

any idea? 

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lots of ideas

did you use any kind of security/access/host grouping on the sp side? if yes, did you update it to include the new hba?

did you use any kind of wwn/lun binding on the hba side? if yes, did you update the settings to include the new storage?

did you try to stimulate login process by disabling/enabling some of the participating ports on the switch, or simpy rebooting your host?

good luck!

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Re: luns not showing

If you created an alias, why did you add the wwn into the zone?

Often the SAN storage can tell you which wwns it can see.

Are all the ports logged on to the fabric (switchshow on a brocade switch).

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