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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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lifecycle old switches - entire fabric refresh


We are planning to lifecycle our old fabric (core-edge consisting of 48000, 5470 and 4020 switches). Plan is to do a full-mesh. We are not very large, about 500 used ports.

We want to migrate the hosts to the new fabric in batches. We would also like to do it without or very minimal downtime.

I would like to get some idea on how to perform the migration.

Do we stand the new fabric and then move nodes one by one?

Or we add the new switches to the existing fabric, move the cables and then remove the old switches?

Any other way?

Does anyone have a sample migration plan that can be shared?

Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.

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Re: lifecycle old switches - entire fabric refresh



both ways are possible (new fabric in parallel and then move nodes / attach new switches to existing fabric and then move nodes). But keep also the following in mind:

- new fabric in parallel would guarantee a clean start, but you would need to do the zoning new from scratch

- connecting the new switches to the existing would make them inherit the fabric configuration including zoning configuration

- all of your nodes (storage and hosts) should have redundant connections and active multipathing

- then you can move cable by cable, keeping one cable on an old switch and moving one cable to a new switch

- and after checking zoning and functionality move the second cable

- make sure to do redundant ISLs between the switches and for the migration also redundant ISLs between old and new switches; this would also depend on how many free ports you actual have. 

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Re: lifecycle old switches - entire fabric refresh

Thank you! This is great info.

If we decide the merge the new switches to the fabric, how do we remove the old switches? Once all nodes from a switch is moved, do we simply disable it and disconnect the ISLs?

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