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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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licensing brocade300


what is the fastest way to gain more 8 port licenses (BR-SMEDPOD-01) for four (4) brocade300 switches (TODAY)?

I have the WWN / service Tag from our service Partner / MAC adresses ready.

Many thx in adv


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Re: licensing brocade300

Today is Saturday!

The procedure is placed a order by they OEM / VAR or Supplier.

Those forward a order by Brocade ( some OEM - AFAIK - have access to Brocade License generator )

The short/fastest Time, is around 3-5 Day to get permanet License key.

However to accelaret it, you can Placed a Order, and then Ask with Proof of Purchase you Brocade Local OEM Rapresentative for temporary License, he can try to generate one.


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