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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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iops with portperfshow

Is there any way for get the IOPS per port of a SAN switch ? I know the portperfshow command, but this command only shows the MB/s.

I want to catch the culprit of a problem in performance of our SAN (storage array), but I don't have access to the servers individually.

Please, provide me any clue according your experience.



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Re: iops with portperfshow

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the comfortable methode to get IOPS counter, is i.e. by VMware Guest OS trough the VMware Hypervisor.

Another solution is unknown to me.


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Re: iops with portperfshow

No, portperfshow can't help you. If your switch/fos support it - you should use flow monitor. If not - then either host side tools, or expensive third party stuff like JDSU and VI.

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