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install hba 825 driver on ubuntu server

Hello everybody,

I'm trying to install the drivers for 825 hba on Ubuntu Server 12.04.

I downloaded the generic driver package  "brocade_driver_linux_v3-0-3-0.tar.gz" and i could successfully install the driver installer with the following command:

sudo sh brocade_adapter_software_installer_linux_v3-0-3-0.bin -DCHOSEN_INSTALL_SET=DRIVER -DCONT_NOARCH_DRIVER=YES -i silent

But now I'm trying to install the driver and I have always an error message that said that gcc is not installed.

Here the command I entered: ubuntu

sudo ./ --update-initrd

And the error message:

ERROR: Install failure: no gcc

I also converted the driver rpm-package in deb-package with alien, but when I try to install the "bfa-driver-linux_3.0.3.0-1_all.deb", I have an error message:

Install failure: no gcc

dpkg: error processing bfa-driver-linux_3.0.3.0-1_all.deb (--install):

subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 3

Can someone help me?



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Re: install hba 825 driver on ubuntu server

AFAIK, no warranty....

Ubuntu HBA Drivers will be supported in Release 3.1.0 in Summer 2012.

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Re: install hba 825 driver on ubuntu server

Thank you  Antonio for your answer.

I think i will move on RHEL 6.2.

I tested the drivers and they worked fine.


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