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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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ifAdminStatus reporting incorrectly

It seems that querying various Brocade switch and firmware combos with SNMP reports ifAdminStatus incorrectly (

If a port is enabled, but has no cable attached, it is described as being "down". Surely in this case the port is administratively up, but operationally down.

Is there any way around this or is a fix likely to be in the pipeline?

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Re: ifAdminStatus reporting incorrectly

Yes you should use the appropriate mibs for Brocade.

You choices are (among others)

. >> swFCPortPhyStatus

This object identifies the physical state of
the port:
noCard(1)    no card present in this switch slot;
noTransceiver(2)    no Transceiver module in this port.
noGbic(2) was used previously. Transceiver
is the generic name for GBIC, SFP etc.;
laserFault(3)    the module is signaling a laser fault
(defective Transceiver);
noLight(4)    the module is not receiving light;
noSync(5)    the module is receiving light but is
out of sync;
inSync(6)    the module is receiving light and is
in sync;
portFault(7)    the port is marked faulty (defective
Transceiver, cable or device);
diagFault(8)    the port failed diagnostics (defective
G_Port or FL_Port card or motherboard);
lockRef(9)    the port is locking to the reference
unknown(255)    unknown.

. >> swFCPortOpStatus

This object identifies the operational status of
the port. The online(1) state indicates that user frames
can be passed. The unknown(0) state indicates that likely
the port module is physically absent (see swFCPortPhyState).

. >> swFCPortAdmStatus

The desired state of the port. A management station
may place the port in a desired state by setting this
object accordingly.  The testing(3) state indicates that
no user frames can be passed. As the result of
either explicit management action or per configuration
information accessible by the switch, swFCPortAdmStatus is
then changed to either the online(1) or testing(3)
states,    or remains in the offline(2) state.

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Re: ifAdminStatus reporting incorrectly

Thanks for looking at this.

Unfortunately swFCPortOpStatus and swFCPortAdmStatus work exactly the same as the ones I was using before and swFCPortPhyStatus still can't differentiate between a disabled port and an enabled port that's been disconnected.

All I'm trying to achieve is to use SNMP to establish if a port is enabled and working, or if it's disabled, or if it's enabled but has no link. But from everything I've seen this is impossible with Brocade switches.

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