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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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how to remove switch from sec policy ?

Hello Gurus

I am facing some issue while restoring the configuration of one production (IBM B16-2005)   switch into  backup SAN switch (IBM 2498-B24). When I give the configdownload command, Its gives me following message

Can only execute this command on the primary FCS switch

Then from the secpolicyshow command I checked the primary fcs switch(one of our productino

and I removed this switch entry using following command

secpolicyremove "SCC_POLICY", \ "<switch WWN>"

its remove the list when I check with secpolicyshow command in parent switch but when I check it from the standby switch, its still not allowing me to do restore configuration and showing the above message.

Please help me either removing this switch from this  centralize management so that I can refresh it with by restoring configuration file or help me reset the configuration of this switch.




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Re: how to remove switch from sec policy ?

Hi Kamran,

the blocking policy is not the SCC_Policy, the FCC_Policy is blocking you.

Is the switch online and actual member of the fabric?



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Re: how to remove switch from sec policy ?

hi Ralf

thanks for the reply.

this switch was configured long time back and it was part of FC network, but its not in use and we want to use it as standby switch where we can restore configuration of B16-2005

so Ralf: was my command correct to remove this switch from security policy ? if not then how i can remove it or if i can reset it as factory default setting.



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