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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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how to remove license

Dear all,


I have 2 unit of Brocade 6510 on both HQ and Branch, i have accidently registered  Port on Demand license to HQ site. The unit in HQ already pre-configure with 24 port enable. 


My problem is how do i remove 1 unit of Port on Demand license and re-register to branch site? 


Please see below to have a clearer understanding:


PKSDRC2SAN02:admin> licenseshow

MQSS99QRYmBPDJ7KGKmrJSECgrPHRRLNB73GL: <- additional added

    Second Ports on Demand license - additional 12 port upgrade license


    Full Ports on Demand license - additional 24 port upgrade license


    Extended Fabric license

    Fabric Watch license

    Performance Monitor license

    Trunking license

    Adaptive Networking - obsolete license

    Server Application Optimization - obsolete license

    Fabric Vision license


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Re: how to remove license



I think in this case you have to contact your OEM/vendor who supplied you with the transaction keys and open a case for a new transaction key.



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