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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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how to recovery password

i have to recover the password of user"admin"

Send the following string to Customer Support for password recovery:YjRYkJBD.eqoYX3XE9qwBA==

How to get the passwor from custumer  support

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Re: how to recovery password




If you have access to the root account, you can reset the passwords on the switch to default. This
feature is available for all currently supported versions of the Fabric OS.
To reset any account password from the root account, follow these steps:
1. Open a CLI session (serial or telnet for an unsecured system and sectelnet for a secure system)
to the switch.
2. Log in as root.
3. At the prompt, enter the passwddefault command as shown below:
switch:root> passwddefault
4. Follow the prompts to reset the password for the selected account. For example:
switch:root> passwddefault
All account passwords have been successfully set to factory default.

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Re: how to recovery password



How did you get that password recovery string: YjRYkJBD.eqoYX3XE9qwBA==   ?

Did you connect via serial and tried to recover it from there?


Otherwise, search in the community becasue there are many threads talking about this topic.




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