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how to recovery a firmware upgrade issue

I have a question about a hipothetical situation where I started the firmware upgrade and after this process finish the switch stuck. What would be the fix in that case?  Restore a backup?

Is that possible this kind of issue happen?  I mean, after both CP's were upgradaded an issue could happen and the switch become to unavailable?
If after a firmware upgrade at cp0 an issues happen the process is interrupted and the cp1 would not be upgraded, once a risk were found?

This topic is to clarify about the risk of to do remote X local firmware upgrades.



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Re: how to recovery a firmware upgrade issue



if something happens, it is mostly during the firmware upgrade itself.  To minimize risk, suggestions would be:


1. Have terminal servers connected to serial ports


2. Having current and new firmware on a ftp server / scp server - preference locally.


3. Verify connectivity to ftp / scp server from both CPs.


4. I would use firmwaredownload -s and manual steps during the firmware upgrade (each CP seperated) which will take longer time, but you will have more control (and do once or two haFailover before firmware upgrade).


For recovery, if firmware upgrade is stuck, and you have IP connectivity, then there are different recovery pending on your situation - re running firmwaredownload or recovery. In case you use IP connectivity to both CP, the terminal server is really nice to have. 


In the below scenario when only one CP is upgrade, you can then possible downgrade the upgraded (firmwaredownload -s). There is always a risk with remote upgrade, but if you have serial connectivity to both CP, then you can handle most scenarios.  

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