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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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how to kill a process



FOS 7.1.x , how to kill a process?

i checked in CLI guide however no information about it..


I see configupload triggering cpu usage 99% so i want to kill that process.


Can someone please let me know, how to kill a process.



Niklesh Reddy

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Re: how to kill a process



You have to login as 'root' and kill the process with 'kill' just as any other linux process.




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Re: how to kill a process

If you do not have root access, or if you have a slot based Director, it would be better to do an hafailover rather than just kill the process.


check if you have all services synchronized with hashow command and if all are ok, do a hafailover.

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Re: how to kill a process

Hi Anovelli

I will do hafailover and let you know the update.



Niklesh Reddy

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