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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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how to find port connection with wwn


first question:


host wwnn on Port1/1---switch1----port2/2-----------------port1/3---swtich2

if i'm connect on switch2 with ssh, how can i find all information of the host connection if i just have the wwnn of the host

what is the command to use to have the list of those informations:

name port1/3 of switch2

name port2/2 of switch1

the name of the switch1

name port1/1 of switch1

switch1 and 2 are brocades on the same FID (virtual fabric)

nsshow just give informations of wwns of switch2

2nd question:

if on switch2 we have many FID and many switchs connected to them.

what is the command to know all the wwnn of host on all FID and health of them ?


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Re: how to find port connection with wwn

Not sure I understand the question, but you can use 'nscamshow' to get the nameserver info from the other switches in the fabric (equivalent to 'nsshow' on the switch you're logged into).


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Re: how to find port connection with wwn

Hi olev,

Knowing port WWN of the server you can query name server with nodefind command. This will return 24-bit fabric address and port index for that device. Port index would directly point to physical port (with some exceptions). Higher byte of the 24-bit address would match domain ID of the switch where the server is connected to.

Use fabricShow command to get switch details for known domain ID.

fcsw2:admin> nodefind 50:01:43:80:02:a3:00:16
Type Pid    COS     PortName                NodeName
N    101501;    2,3;50:01:43:80:02:a3:00:16;50:01:43:80:02:a3:00:17;
NodeSymb: "QMH2462 FW:v4.04.09 DVR:v8.02.01-k1-vmw43"
Fabric Port Name: 20:16:00:05:1e:04:0c:df
Permanent Port Name: 20:11:00:24:81:76:9a:62
Device type: NPIV Initiator
Port Index: 21 //same as 15 hex above
Share Area: No
Device Shared in Other AD: No
Redirect: No
Aliases: mat_esxs3 mat_esxs3
fcsw2:admin> fabricshow
Switch ID   Worldwide Name           Enet IP Addr    FC IP Addr      Name
4: fffc04 10:00:00:05:1e:34:7d:9b        >"fcsw2"

16: fffc10 10:00:00:05:1e:04:0c:df         "shishapangma"

FCID is 101501: Domain = 0x10(16), Area = 0x15(21), so we're looking for switch ID 0xfffc10, port 21.

It's getting a bit more complicated with Shared Area ports and Virtual Fabrics.

Hope this helps,


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Re: how to find port connection with wwn

thanks a lot linar.ziatdinov  and jaymike3

i'll test those commands tomorrow


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