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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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has anybody moved from Fabric Watch to MAPS yet?



I was wondering if any of you has already been bold enough from fabric watch to MAPS yet.


The admin guide claims thatyou can migrate from FW to MAPS seamlessly, but the information provided is very limited:


-> only 2 commands are documented without further explanations:

mapsconfig --enablemaps
mapsconfig --fwconvert -enablepolicy policyname


I also read that when you convert fabric watch rules to MAPS rules, it becomes impossible to edit those converted rules later. So if you want to change some converted thresholds, you're out of luck.

(I read this on the erwinvanlonden blog:


I'm curious about playing around with MAPS, but on the other hand, it feels like it's safer to waitr a bit longer.

I was just wondering if anyone here has already dared to take the step from FW to MAPS.

If you're using MAPS, feel free to share your experiences / recommendations :)


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Re: has anybody moved from Fabric Watch to MAPS yet?

Hi smashingpumpkin,



you're right about waiting being a good idea :-)


We've just started implementing MAPS on our FOS 7.2 and already see a couple of minor problems:


  • limited functionality of mapsSam command: showing only port data,  cpu/memory/flash options introduced in 7.3
  • relayConfig does not accept '--delete' operand which works in 7.3


Admittedly, these are not big ones, but create impression that MAPS in 7.2is not completely refined product.


But there are also things that I find a great improvement over FabricWatch, like the ability to create custom port groups or the ease with which one can distribute the settings among the switches / fabrics.

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Re: has anybody moved from Fabric Watch to MAPS yet?

Hi SP,


I wrote that article more than a year ago when MAPS (or FabricVision) was just in its infancy. The engineers at Brocade have come a long way since that time and I would recommend to move from FabricWatch to MAPS/Fabricvision from 7.3 onwards. It provides you many more functions and a REALLY handy dashboard command (which I most certainly use in my analysis if/when I looks at logs).


I haven't seen any fabric stability issues due to MAPS/FLOWs so from that standpoint I think your pretty safe.


I'm trying to spend some more time on MAPS and FLOWs and eithe update the previous article or write a new one under the Config Guide section.




Kind regards,
Erwin van Londen
Brocade Distinguished Architect The Fibre Channel blog

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