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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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getting started with SAN/brocade

As a beginner what are the suggested reads covering the fundamental and best practices?  A document name and/or part number of the document would be helpful

Please suggest about the beginners course or certifications as well.

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Re: getting started with SAN/brocade

Hello again SKT.

If you are completely new to Fibre Channel, I'd fire up the "Introduction to Fibre Channel Concepts" Web-Based Training (AKA FC-101).  Its free of charge.  You can find a description here:

From an educational perspective, I'd highly recommend starting with either the BCFA or the BCFP certification courses.  7 years ago, that was the first thing I did and was, to this day, the best and fastest way to get up to speed. 

From there, I'd recommend keeping the BCFA and BCFP Nutshell Study guides handy (especially if you plan on taking the test), but in addition, are great reference material. 



For additional material, I'd also recommend taking a run through the Brocade Resource Center.  You can take a look at datasheets, best practice guides, solution briefs, deployment guides, etc, etc.  You can find it at:  Brocade – Resource Center

If you have any questions, feel free to ask the community as that's what we are here for!


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