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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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gather portloginshow data for whole fabric


I'm looking for an easy way to gather portloginshow data of every initiator port for every switch in the whole fabric.
I actually only need the "df_sz" (default frame size) value.

The reason for this is that we are planning to activate compression on our DWDM ISL links.
If compression is used, all logged in initiator devices need to have a payload < 2048, so I have to verify this first.

The problem is that the portloginshow command only works per port (you have to give slot/portnumber).
I'm looking for a way to quickly gather this info for every initiator port in the fabric.

Any ideas? :)

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Re: gather portloginshow data for whole fabric



you can build an script to check that for you. I am not a scripting expert, but an easy one woud be the following:


for ((i=0;i<48;i++)); do (echo 1/$i;portloginshow 1/$i); done


where '48' is the number of ports in the blade and '1' is port blade 1 in this example. By complicating the script you can make the checkup more and more automatic.




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Re: gather portloginshow data for whole fabric

Thanks, this was exactly what I needed

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