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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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fx8-24 ve ports offline

Hoping someone can help!  We're trying to set up replication between sited , but firts we need to get the fabrics sorted. We've  2 DCXs in each site ( Fabric A and Fabric B) running 7.4.2d  and we're trying to implement some FX8-24 blades. The blades are installed and up OK

We disabled the ve ports ( 12 & 22)

Put the blades into 10gig mode

FCIP Tunnels /Cirsuits are up ok  12 on xge0 22 on xge1

using portcmd , we get a ping back  across both sides 

We merged the zoning database and the cfgs using BNA as per the admin guide

We then enabled the ve ports , then nothing , the ve ports stayed offline, no error messages so I'm stumped as to what do do next

Any ideas?



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Re: fx8-24 ve ports offline



is the 10G license present ?


and, did you assigned the license to a slot where the Blade is inserted ?


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