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freeradius login don't works on WebTools but on CLI works fine Brocade 300.

Hi people:

I struggling with this setup. First our main FC Switches are Brocade 300 with FOS 7.4.1.b.

So far I have configured the radius ip server and use PAP.

When I launch Webtools and try to log with the radius user; the botom left corner displays  Error Invalid session random.

But if I connect to the switch with putty or SSH Client; and use the same radius user; I got logged fine.

This is my setup

Radius Server

CentOS 7 64bits 3.10.0-327.el7.x86_64

radiusd: FreeRADIUS Version 3.0.4, (from EPEL)

clients.conf (file)

client SWT-300-F01-arm {
        ipaddr  = the_ip
        secret  = do$xO$RACKopE8
                nas_type         = other

users (file)

rsoopal Cleartext-Password := "BC6D7e:FNWDmRw"
        Brocade-Auth-Role = "admin",
        Auth-Type := Local

DEFAULT   Auth-Type = System
          Fall-Through = Yes


my Brocade 300 setup

ip address of the radius server, 1812 and share key, OK


my PC setup

windows 10 64 bits

using java 7.21 (32 bits)

using palemoon browser (32bits).



Any idea why the radius works only from SSH CLI but no from webtools ??


Thanks in advanced.


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Re: freeradius login don't works on WebTools but on CLI works fine Brocade 300.

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Okay, i'm gonna preface this with a special exception. Although I used to work for SUN back in the day, and I should actually know better, I can barely spell JAVA.


Having said that, the reply you are getting; 'session random' would indicate that the session manager in your Java machine on your management device is not in sync with one of the Java consoles provisioned/supported by the FOS you are running. It's a common failure point, but being that the Java JRE provides session management to the socket of the switch, this is where I would start.


Maybe investigate the Java platform from Brocade for that FOS, and rip and replace the Java on your management device to more closely match what Brocade used?


Report back and let us know I am wildly out to lunch or not. Don't worry, I can take it, brutal honesty is the only medicine that works.


Best of luck,


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