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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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fos v6.4.1b enable config

I have a B5300 running fos v6.4.1b.  I've added a zone, and ran "enable config" using webtools successfully.  Is it necessary to run  "save config", in case the

switch were to go down, or is   "enable config" sufficient to make the change persistent?

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Re: fos v6.4.1b enable config

Yes, the "cfgSave" command ends and commits the current zoning transaction buffer to nonvolatile memory.

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Re: fos v6.4.1b enable config

Below is the description for cfgsave from the FOS command reference guide found at the link below:


Use this command to save the current zone configuration. This command writes the defined

configuration and the name of the effective configuration to nonvolatile memory in all switches in the


The saved configuration is automatically reloaded at power on, and, if a configuration was in effect at the

time it was saved, the same configuration is reinstalled with an automatic cfgEnable command.

Because the saved configuration is reloaded at power on, only valid configurations are saved. The

cfgSave command validates the effective configuration by performing the same tests as the cfgEnable

command. If the tests fail, an error message is displayed and the configuration is not saved.

This command ends and commits the current transaction. If a transaction is open on a different switch in

the fabric when this command is run, the transaction on the other switch is automatically aborted. A

message displays on the other switches to indicate that the transaction was aborted.

If there are open transactions in the fabric, only single transaction can be saved. Use the cfgtransshow

--opentrans command to view the list of all the domains in the fabric with open transactions.

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